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2 Responses to “test”

  1. marquezjones13768 Says:

    Ho acquistato screenPlay HD da 1Tb circa sei mesi fa, e la cosa piu00f9 fastiiosa che talvolta mi capita u00e8 che il film si vede ma non si sente l’audio; forse un problema di codec? qualcuno ha riscontatrato lo stesso problema?si risolve aggiornando il firmware?nInoltre colelgandolo in HDMI alla TV spesso l’immagine appare ingrandita e un po’ sgranata, come se settaggio del video fosse con lo zoom.https://ameo.link/marquezjones13768081815

  2. josefinareyes9555 Says:

    Mmmmm…. I think the imagery you painted is both savory AND sweet ! Nipples and Kisses shouldn’t be too far apart, really…at least not for too long, right?nI bet you will have no problem finding bachelor parties, or any parties for that matter, to happily eat them up!nIt seems to me those shameless Frogs, “across the Pond”;nthe French, have a folk-bread called Brioche, which is frankly mammarian,by design… and named so…and sold publicly without much ado!!! Food should be fun, and you have done at least some of your part with your nipply kisses! Come on http://tropaadet.dk/josefinareyes9555081815

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